About G. Merced

Here I am at 30 years of age, and most of my life I have been living with symptoms of bipolar disorder, schizo-effective disorder and anxiety. It wasn’t until I officially received my diagnosis, about ten years ago that I looked  backed upon all the diagnosis I had gotten previously:

(i.e. depression, personality disorders, 1 eating disorder after another, insomnia, MDD, ADHD & a few others I don’t remember)

that I realized the trouble I was in and could continue to be in if I didn’t seek the crucial help I needed. This didn’t happen until one of my doctors “let me survive, yet kill me at the same time with a new medicine,” that sent me through the roof into a mania I didn’t recognized, yet was well observed by those around me.

It has been some time since receiving my LABELS, as society sees it, but I still struggle with  my mind to operate in this world. My goal right now is to end the stigma around mental illness and how society sees it, so I vocalize myself through writing and advocating.