1st session

Today was the day, I started therapy, I survived.

First answer…….it was a guy(okay…)

Second……he wants to see me once a week for four weeks(is this normal….), then go from there, but not available til the 28th(ehhh…)

Third….he gave me homework sheets (haven’t dissected them yet)

So apparently first session was about my past and current problems, which is troubling since I’m the type of person that once something happens I sweep it under the rug, burn it and forget about. That is until the ashes are pouring out everywhere and I am faced with the past. My current problems on the other hand are just as bad. My bipolar rollercoaster is driving me insane, the hallucinations have apted up production, the anxiety I have towards life’s events is hindering my relationship, the past event that triggered my ptsd has floated to presence and so much more.

Well that’s enough for now, as I am losing my marbles, I can’t keep my thoughts straight. Such is the madness of my mind.


7 thoughts on “1st session

  1. Migraines From Hell says:

    Didnt you want a female? I’d be pissed and woulda rescheduled! I’m a baby! Just feel more comfortable with most female providers vs male. I can be more honest and I tend to just uhhuh the males.

    Good luck! He does sound promising. Good for you for continuing!!!❤️


    • Yes I wanted a female, and when I showed up the lady I was suppose to see doesn’t accept my insurance. This I find weird cause they both in same office, how can he accept but she can’t? What the freakazoid?


      • Migraines From Hell says:

        Yes, seems like they should both take the same unless it’s a different office. Sorry! Hopefully you like the guy enough to continue?

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