Tulip update

My furbaby Tulip was able to get her bloodwork and EKG yesterday thanks to the generosity of those who donated on her gofundme page.

The results were immediate for the EKG, which was “perfectly fine” according to the vet tech. The bloodwork we had to wait a few hours for, and it was mainly good news. Her heart and liver functions were good, the only things that were a concern to the vet was that her blood sugar was low and her kidney enzymes were high. Both her sugar and kidney enzymes will be tested out again prior to surgery, if Tulip’s fundraiser gains any funds.

So thank God she is as healthy as she can be.

As for her tumors, they are just benign, not cancerous and can be removed easily if her papa and I wish to go down that road, which more than likely not.


2 thoughts on “Tulip update

  1. Migraines From Hell says:

    Tulip is the sweetest lil name for a puppy…..love it! So glad all was good at the appointment!!!!! My dogs have always had fatty tumors on various places which always freaked me out until I knew they weren’t anything worrisome. The low BS, maybe she needs to eat more frequently? I dunno…just speculating. I’m not a vet, just a nurse 🙂


    • Yes the fatty tumors are nothing to worry about, the vet only said the one on her mamory gland may be worrisome if she got pregnant, but that will never be the case. As for the eating, she eats meals twice a day and treats(Inc. peanut butter) in between, so I am not sure about the sugar. In a week or two we’ll try to check it out again.

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