Therapy Frustration



So about two weeks ago I decided I needed to go back to therapy, yay. I thought it’d be easy to find a new therapist, sike! My last therapist just didn’t rub me the right way, she had alterer motives I believed at the time, yet continued until it all just became outrageous. The price, location, frequency, the rehash of a questionnaire at the beginning of each appointment, her being late, het being on the computer the whole time I talked, and the fact of privacy swayed her. Ever have any of these problems? If so how did you handle them?

So needless to say I wasn’t going back. Now I am at a point that I believe I need therapy again, so I went on the insurance website, searched for a therapist in my plan, and zeroed in on the radius of location I can get to, riding the bus if need be.

My list came up, I wrote down names, numbers, and addresses, sat down and called each and every single one of them. Well needless to say I stood up and walked away from my note pad fed up. Online all of them said they were accepting new patients, but when I called NO, NOPE they weren’t, not a single one from my list of twelve. Mind you of the twelve the receptionists at seven tried at least three or four others than the original therapist I initialnaly inquired about.

So now I don’t know if I should give up, or expand my search knowing I may not get someone within my parameters…….


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