Psychiatrist appt. & new medicine

This afternoon after 4 resecduled appointments(he was on vacation) I FINALLY saw my psychiatrist. And boy it was an extra long visit. I always show up 15-30min before my scheduled time and usually seen right away, today was no different; except for the fact instead of an in and out 5min appointment it was a 21min appointment.

I stated my case, I screamed a little when he wouldn’t understand that I and I mean only ME know s my body more than anyone else. I urged to be taken off as many medicines as possible as I am was on seven Bipolar/Schizo-effective/& Anxiety medicines….. well after all that the only one removed and replaced was that off the anti-zombie pill I called Modafinal, to some stimulate med that the pharmacy won’t have ready until tomorrow.


Xanax, Lithium, Latuda and Vraylar are just a few of what I am on. And it sucks! Everyday I take pills three times and each time I think “why?” Why I am taking medicine, why so many, so many WHY questions that irritate me that I just swallow them and walk away like life sucks. At the same time I think “well….”

So yeah, I have lost my train of thought, just wanted to update on the day.

Please any words of encouragement to continue forward are welcomed.

And once I get my new med tomorrow I will be sure to write about it as I have a follow up in 3 weeks..


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