Rocky R.I.P.


Rocky was a blast having as a companion. I have not spoken of him for awhile, not because I don’t love him, rather because I couldn’t write about him without crying uncontrollably. While not a human, my first dog was a treasure. He brought many great times, laughter and tears to my life.

I remember the day my mother brought him home, he was sitting politely in the back seat, with a bag of food, toy and bowl next to him. He was wearing a green color and had a chained leash. He was a true male chihuahua, proud and excited to be at his forever home.

My brother and I had an expierance in our past with dogs, so it was thought it’d take some time to warm up to Rocky, however, my heart melted when my mom took him out the car and into the garage. We made our introductions there before moving into the house, where Rocky marked his territory, he was ours, he was home.

Still a puppy, he had yet to be neutered, but was eligible to be in exactly one month, so in one month he was fixed. My parents, brother and I all missed him dearly, since Rocky had to stay over night at the vets. He came home and continued to bring joy, love and laughter to our lives.

Well that was the beginning years….

I couldn’t even beginning to write how he changed my life, my family’s life….

For twelve years he was the best dog anyone could have asked for. He taught me truly how to love animals….

September will be two years since his passing, which was horrific, as any dog/cat/any animal owner knows, Rocky passed away before my mom’s, fiance and my eyes…… I am teary eyed now, but I am happy to say and think that he waited for someone to come home, as to say “good-bye” before he crossed over to the Rainbow bridge.


I know I will see him again…


I thought when Rocky passed I’d give up on the love of another dog, but life is funny. Turtle and I have rescued two wonderful chihuahuas that we wake up to every morning, Tuscany and Tulip.


**do you have a pet(s) that you’ve lost, currently love, or want to get? What are your stories?**


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