Vacation. Responsibilities.

When I was told I was was suffering from Bipolar type 1, I thought all hope was lost, I mean there isn’t a cure for it. Then I tried as much as I could to slow my brain down and say, there may not be a cure, but there sure as hell is a way to maintain it…… Well after all these years I am right back where I started, when it comes to realizing that there is no cure, but there is a way to maintain my sanity. The only question I have right now is “how?”

As most of my readers know it has been some time since I saw my psychiatrist, which is troubling. It’s been two months, beginning on three and I KNOW there needs to be an adjustment. I have to wait another three weeks until I see him, unless his office calls to resecdule on me AGAIN! I mean I’ve had three appointments resecduled on me because he’s on VACATION! Wtf?

Mind you one of my main reasons of seeing him is to get my medications refilled. So I had to talk to the staff to order them to my pharmacy, and can you believe they had the balls to tell me I had to to pay $35 for EACH of my meds, SEVEN in order for them to call them in. Are you kidding me, it wasn’t my fault I ran out of meds, but the idiots there, along with doc for rescheduling so much.

I mean damn, really?

Isn’t there a way if you’re going to be out of town and you’re a DOCTOR, any kind, that you leave resources for the patients you take care of? Shit! This isn’t a dentist, rather a doctor of the MIND! Mental…..

Okay, I believe I am done with my rant for now, but seriosly what to my readers think? I’d love to see what you’d say on the comments below.


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