Psychiatrist appt. & new medicine

This afternoon after 4 resecduled appointments(he was on vacation) I FINALLY saw my psychiatrist. And boy it was an extra long visit. I always show up 15-30min before my scheduled time and usually seen right away, today was no different; except for the fact instead of an in and out 5min appointment it was a 21min appointment.

I stated my case, I screamed a little when he wouldn’t understand that I and I mean only ME know s my body more than anyone else. I urged to be taken off as many medicines as possible as I am was on seven Bipolar/Schizo-effective/& Anxiety medicines….. well after all that the only one removed and replaced was that off the anti-zombie pill I called Modafinal, to some stimulate med that the pharmacy won’t have ready until tomorrow.


Xanax, Lithium, Latuda and Vraylar are just a few of what I am on. And it sucks! Everyday I take pills three times and each time I think “why?” Why I am taking medicine, why so many, so many WHY questions that irritate me that I just swallow them and walk away like life sucks. At the same time I think “well….”

So yeah, I have lost my train of thought, just wanted to update on the day.

Please any words of encouragement to continue forward are welcomed.

And once I get my new med tomorrow I will be sure to write about it as I have a follow up in 3 weeks..


Rocky R.I.P.


Rocky was a blast having as a companion. I have not spoken of him for awhile, not because I don’t love him, rather because I couldn’t write about him without crying uncontrollably. While not a human, my first dog was a treasure. He brought many great times, laughter and tears to my life.

I remember the day my mother brought him home, he was sitting politely in the back seat, with a bag of food, toy and bowl next to him. He was wearing a green color and had a chained leash. He was a true male chihuahua, proud and excited to be at his forever home.

My brother and I had an expierance in our past with dogs, so it was thought it’d take some time to warm up to Rocky, however, my heart melted when my mom took him out the car and into the garage. We made our introductions there before moving into the house, where Rocky marked his territory, he was ours, he was home.

Still a puppy, he had yet to be neutered, but was eligible to be in exactly one month, so in one month he was fixed. My parents, brother and I all missed him dearly, since Rocky had to stay over night at the vets. He came home and continued to bring joy, love and laughter to our lives.

Well that was the beginning years….

I couldn’t even beginning to write how he changed my life, my family’s life….

For twelve years he was the best dog anyone could have asked for. He taught me truly how to love animals….

September will be two years since his passing, which was horrific, as any dog/cat/any animal owner knows, Rocky passed away before my mom’s, fiance and my eyes…… I am teary eyed now, but I am happy to say and think that he waited for someone to come home, as to say “good-bye” before he crossed over to the Rainbow bridge.


I know I will see him again…


I thought when Rocky passed I’d give up on the love of another dog, but life is funny. Turtle and I have rescued two wonderful chihuahuas that we wake up to every morning, Tuscany and Tulip.


**do you have a pet(s) that you’ve lost, currently love, or want to get? What are your stories?**

Birthday morning

I woke up about two hours ago, it’s officially my 30th birthday, wow I made it. There were times I didn’t think I’d make it to such a milestone, but with the grace of God, my support team, and my loving family I’m here. Thank you all for everything. Well it’s time to really enjoy the day as I am not allowed in the kitchen, unless it is to get myself something to drink, so yippie…breakfast time with dad begins.

Vacation. Responsibilities.

When I was told I was was suffering from Bipolar type 1, I thought all hope was lost, I mean there isn’t a cure for it. Then I tried as much as I could to slow my brain down and say, there may not be a cure, but there sure as hell is a way to maintain it…… Well after all these years I am right back where I started, when it comes to realizing that there is no cure, but there is a way to maintain my sanity. The only question I have right now is “how?”

As most of my readers know it has been some time since I saw my psychiatrist, which is troubling. It’s been two months, beginning on three and I KNOW there needs to be an adjustment. I have to wait another three weeks until I see him, unless his office calls to resecdule on me AGAIN! I mean I’ve had three appointments resecduled on me because he’s on VACATION! Wtf?

Mind you one of my main reasons of seeing him is to get my medications refilled. So I had to talk to the staff to order them to my pharmacy, and can you believe they had the balls to tell me I had to to pay $35 for EACH of my meds, SEVEN in order for them to call them in. Are you kidding me, it wasn’t my fault I ran out of meds, but the idiots there, along with doc for rescheduling so much.

I mean damn, really?

Isn’t there a way if you’re going to be out of town and you’re a DOCTOR, any kind, that you leave resources for the patients you take care of? Shit! This isn’t a dentist, rather a doctor of the MIND! Mental…..

Okay, I believe I am done with my rant for now, but seriosly what to my readers think? I’d love to see what you’d say on the comments below.

Introductions please…


Hey there,

I would like to know, if you’re willing to share, something about you as a person.

I do not count the people that follow my blog as numbers. You are not a number, you are a person. I am very lucky to have gotten to know some of you as regulars who stop by and interact with me and I greatly appreciate this. It keeps me going.

I genuinely want to know more about you. Why you are here, what you blog about, your favourite sandwich filling, whatever you want to share about yourself.

I absolutely love this platform and I have been extremely fortunate to gain a following of such wonderful people, you being one of them.

So please, tell me a bit about yourself. If you want to link your blog so I can check it out and others too then please feel free.

Until next time, it is very nice to meet you.