This feeling of blah is hurting me

For some days now I’ve been having this feeling of ‘blah’ and I’m not quite sure if what it is or the reason for it. This has been hurting me, ever aspect. My relationship with Turtle, our girls Tuscany and Tulip, Pops, and of course the outside world.

Turtle understands to some degree, but then it is on me, not the blame, just the feeling of ehh nothing… words, blah. Almost six years, term b, and it’s not my bipolar, there’s a something deep down I need to explore……..but what is it? How do I fix me when I don’t know what needs fixing…..better yet, if that fixing is me?

When it comes to the girls, Tuscany and Tulip, our chihuahuas it’s about showing/playing favorite. I try to balance the two, I know I could do better, so I try, but even here I feel blah at times. What’s wrong with me? I love them and I even started a fundraiser to help Tulip live better….begining week two and only two donors, my brother and god-brother. I feel a little down because of this, but being on disability really limits what I can do for them when it comes to going to the vet.

Ehh……the words have left me, so to the publish button, to the world I go…..any ideas on how to overcome my blahness?


5 thoughts on “This feeling of blah is hurting me

  1. I totally understand your feeling of blahness. For me, it’s one of the hardest things to overcome. Sometimes I have to force myself to go for a walk, cook a nice meal, or even take a hot shower. Those things tend to help. I hope you feel less blah soon.

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