Receptionists at the Psychiatrist Office

I received a call today from my psychiatrist office to first confirm my appointment then secondly to reschedule said appointment AGAIN! This is the third time they have called to reschedule one appointment. Now mind you the first two times I was like “okay” but now a third call is a bit ridiculous. I mean doesn’t the doc know people rely on him, I know I’m not his only patient, but show that you give a damn about me. What upset me even more was the fact that this appointment was to get my medicine refilled and adjusted and go over my lithium levels. Now when I told the receptionist on the other line this she gave me the attitude of should have made appointment before you knew you’d be out 2.nothing she could do go me about adjustments and lithium levels aren’t that important.

My response was simply,1.i did have an appointment scheduled before I was to run out, but you office resecduled on me THREE times, with nothing but “I’m sorry he won’t be in that day.” 2.of course you can do nothing about my adjustment, you’re not the Psychiatrist are you?! sorry but you’re wrong my lithium levels are important, I could go into shock and die if there is too much in my system.

So yup, I’m pissed. But wait said receptionist also said to call when I’m out of medicine and she will see what she can do! What the heck? Yup, that happened


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