Help Tulip live a healthy life

As my readers know I care for and love my dogs with all my heart, and sometimes it is out of my means to properly care for them medically with the vet. However it has gotten a bit pricey, so I recently set up a fundraiser for my baby Tulip. Her story began with being thrown out of a Uhual truck window and was found by an awesome lady who fostered her for some days; and with the help of a vet and a pet grooming place, (where Tuscany goes) was able to get rid of an ear and eye infections. Tulip came home to me, Turtle, and Tuscany to her forever home the day before Mother’s Day, with the next step to get an wellness exam where we found out she is 90% blind and completely deaf; we also found out she has a skin infection where weekly baths are needed. Now in order to continue with a healthy life, we are trying to raise money for her vet bill, as an estimate to get spayed, teeth extractions, bloodwork, just to mention a few is beyond our means. Any blessings that come her way are greatly appreciated.


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