Something Unexpected

It’s been an interesting day.. first off my little family has been sick in one way or another, all dealing with some part of the digestive tract for some days…. Turtle started to feel a little better today as did TnT……. that is until Tulip scared me and started bleeding.. Now we were told that she went in heat two months ago, so that couldn’t be the reason for this blood… Needless to say as any type of parent I called the doc, in this case the vet…… Thank God the actual vet, not receptionist picked up and I explained what was happening and all, made an appointment and waited to go… Turtle drove as my nerves were taking the best of me, and it was pouring outside, so I was in no part good to drive..

After check-in, weigh in, and few basic questions, a sample was taken and minutes later, low and behold we were told Tulip was in heat AGAIN! Joy right? She’s a rescue and a senior dog, so why would she be spayed? I have no plans on getting her pregnant, her sister is spayed and she is never allowed outside without one of us walking her on her leash, so yeah..

Good news for me too, there was a scheduling error at the GI docs office, so instead of the week of the 11th I will be seen this coming week… Yay! It’s been hell dealing with not being able to eat or drink without it coming back up….. Oh yes this stomach issue will also be brought up to my psychiatrist as my meds are all out of whack..

My update is done for now, but if you have any suggestions on what I can or should do for Tulip while she is in heat again, please comment below.


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