I want to GIVE UP


Have you ever felt like giving up? Not necessarily life, just certain things like medication? Well I have had these moments more than once, all steaming around my bipolar meds.

To me it’s like “why should I take this pills today, they aren’t doing anything?” “Ehh I’ve gained so much weight with this lithium in me,” “These tremors won’t let me be me and paint,” “I’m always thirsty/ drowsy/ dizzy/ etc,” “I HATE THIS!”


Yes today is one of those days, I just want to be someone who doesn’t have a pharmacy in their night stand and water hanging around. I just want to wake up, stay up, live life, and go back to sleep to start it all over. DAMN! it can’t happen that way. I can’t fall asleep without my pills, I can’t wake and have a mildly decent day without my anti-zombie pills. I would be all over, crawling up and down the walls like Spider-Man or something.

Well has anyone else felt like this? What gets you through?


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