Ticking Time Bomb

my bipolar madness

man-ticking-time-bomb-4882651My life has changed throughout the years,as has everyone’s, yet my life changing moment was receiving my bipolar diagnosis. Many in my life at the time said, “Oh I knew it,” “Of course,” and my favorite, “Why are you surprised?” the list went on and on. However, for me it was both shocking and a relief. It was shocking because I thought there was no reason for the way I acted and felt, no explanation to having the classic symptoms of the disorder. At the same time I was glad that there was an explanation and that I wasn’t alone, as I later learned upon doing my own research of people with bipolar disorder.

Today I have been asked, “What has having bipolar taken from you?” In a nutshell A LOT! The main things that I feel have been taken away from me are Time, Money, Friends & Family, Energy…

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