Update on Tulip

Well it’s been some days since I have written here in my blog. On Monday Tulip had her vet exam where I found out officially she is blind and deaf, also she has an ear, eye, and skin infection. So we were given anti biotics for all the above mentioned. The vet also approximates her age to be 10 years old, which doesn’t bother me we’ll still love her for how ever long she is here with us. Got some other news about Tulip but right now it isn’t important.


Right now our main challenge is potty training. No she isn’t house broken but has given us signs as to when she will go wee wee. And the training pads out for dogs are a joke! Especially for her who cannot see them. She navigates the world through smell, and yes still bumps her head, not too hard anymore. I want to get her a helmet…. Well enough about her for now, more about my crazy madness called bipolar to come after the walk of TnT


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