Beginnings & Progress of Hallucinations

my bipolar madness


Visual and auditory hallucinations are not fun in my opinion, they are scary and difficult to understand. Every now-n-then I experienced one or both of these, yet once I hit my twenties it became a regular part of the day.

At the beginning I was confused and acted as though nothing was there, that I wasn’t hearing anything.

Then before my diagnosis I was sure what I was seeing and hearing was normal, that everyone could her and see what I heard and saw. I began to talk back to my voices and would question people as to what I saw and thought they saw as well. I’d ask, “did you see that?” with me just receiving the response of, “what?”

This continued for some time, until my psychiatrist told me something I’ll never forget, “you are special, I wish I could see and hear what you see and hear.”…

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