A letter to My Bipolar Depression

my bipolar madness

bpdI wish I didn’t have you as a part of my life. I thought at one point I had accepted you, the sadness, the crying, the depressed side of bipolar, but no. How can you expect me to accept you?

All the hours, minutes and seconds of my life wasted in a horrible fog that I find difficult to explain to others. I’d wake up screaming at a monstrous event that happened long ago though felt real as day, the here and now visiting. A flash-storm of tears flowed down my cheeks, putting me to sleep once again.

The morning followed and the dreaded task of swallowing the pills that I am told would sub side the monster of depression, and lighten me up for a better day that has yet to come. With no luck at all, I close my eyes and pray. I am still sad, sadness that has…

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