The first bark

I had an appointment with the primary doctor this morning to see if there’s anything I can take for my stomach problems. I informed him that I had my gallbladder taken out about two months ago………so yeah. He informed me that my symptoms are common among those with no gallbladder… I refuse to let this be my life……CONSTANT PAIN! Luckily he wrote an RX for me, so we’ll see what it does, if not back to the GI doc.

Homebound Turtle, Tuscany and Tulip were awaiting…….the first bark from Tulip happened. I was wrong lunch and she did a low howl then barked a few times. It was cute, very petite size, which suits her marvelously. When she did this big sister Tuscany came running to check on her..

It’s amazing cause I remember it took eight days after adopting Tuscany that we heard her big bark. Almost two years later she clears a crowd with her bark.

With the new addition I’ve had more stress that I’m losing my hair and I’ve had to battle myself from falling into depression.

Well I took my night meds and getting a little sleepy, so until next time…is (5)


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