Feeling lost


I have been having a recurring dream or nightmare, not sure which yet, in which I am trying to find my way. Not necessarily a way to something or out of some where, just a way into some where in which is not here.

Puzzling isn’t it?

I hate when my brain plays these games with me. It just reminds me of all the villains out there, DC or Marvel world, or real world. I mean just turn on the news channel everyday and I’m sure we can all find a villain or two, if not more.

So why this sequence of events?

I never finish the dream or nightmare……

I’m in the woods, or forest walking along a path that I can only see two, maybe three steps ahead. I don’t veer from this path because each step is more difficult than the last, as though I am on another planet and it’s gravity is sucking me down. I mean I know I am not as light as a feather but then again where I. The world am I? Lost indeed I am, lost with no apparent known destination.

The path is grey, no brightness shown, only the direction seems to be straight. Then the first fear appears, the color red. It’s not crimson red like blood rather bright red as an juicy red delicious apple. Why do I become afraid of this? It’s just one object, one red book. Perhaps the story of my life? No why would that be frightening? Well in this world it is.

I stumble on the path, I am frozen then a push from behind and I fall face first on the twigs and mud filled ground. Then I see it, in a mirror the creature. A creature I have not seen in person but have studied about in college, marine life form covering my torso. I am lost. It is also red, which is confusing because the deep sea octopus is not red, and definitely not in a forest or woods.

Crap. What the heck is going on?


I blink. The white eyes of this creature are gone, or so I thought. It has now wrapped itself to my back and is forcing me up the path again.



Why this color and why now? This is juat confusing now, not scary.

I am forced up the path 5 more steps and the ground opens up swallowing everything, including the red octopus and me. But we don’t fall. We are stuck in a perpetual motion, frozen. Then the red book comes, hits me on the head and I wake up.

Yup, I wake up. What the heck?

Then it happens, I fall back into this dream/nightmare.

…..well help! What do you think of this confusing mess???


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