Morning rant

The day started off with me waking at 5:17 to the noise of loud thunderstorms and that of Tuscany near my face shaking. I know she doesn’t like thunderstorms, she always goes into hiding or to find Turtle. This time I was the lucky one, so went go bathroom and again she amazed me, she jumped into the tub. So when I was done I climbed in with here for a bit to calm her nerves. Eventually the storm and her fear passed.

Tuscany is like me in ways, I don’t like loud sounds a d thunderstorms always brings out the dreaded fear of terror out.

I had the after thought of taking a Xanax or waking Turtle, but I fell right back to sleep as soon as I had the thought. Does it ever happen like that and you wish you had? Well…..

Then I got to thinking next week I’m may be mommy again to another dog. It all depends on how they get along with one another on their visit. I’m excited, I can’t wait, though everyone is not happy about it, I need more affection, plus two is the limit here until we move, but I digress….

I’ve decided that with Turtles advisement that the anti-zombia medicine will go back to just once a day instead of twice for now. Mainly because I have become more manic and my voices have gotten louder and more dangerous. I can not give control over, I am the one that needs to be in control!

I will have to wait to speak with my psychiatrist about this change, but he usually understands where I’m coming from and whatnot. Smh, lol. He give me the meds and I decided if I take them, sounds like I am medicating myself. After all I know my body and only me can use/mis use/rearrange and so on it.

Well it’s time for yoga, see how the rest of the day goes….


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