How many times?

I want to go to sleep, after all I’ve been up for 18 hrs, but after the day I’ve had I don’t blame my brain for NOT shutting down for a few hours.

Tomorrow I start my double dose of non-zombie medicine….joy……something else to program into my schedule…I am thinking about setting alarms on my phone for when it is medicine time. I find it RIDICULOUS that I have to take meds at four different times (morning, noon, dinner, bed time) of the day.

I tried using one of those pill reminder bottles but they only have either the AM/PM or U/M/T/W/R/F/S bottles. So I went to the craft store and bought a jewelry beads holder and decked it out to be my own. It was pretty, but I only accommodated it for 3x a day….DAMN 4x is going to be annoying……interrupting my day.

Oh well.

I’ll live.

So as I’m writing this I just thought, YES I will set alarms. I’ll try that out first…

What kind of reminders do my fellow bloggers use? Comment below


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