Today’s appointment

Home from psychiatrist appointment, drinking some Fuze Iced Tea and I’m quiet content, dare I say happy.

It is warming that I had a pleasant visit. I get anxious about them the day before, on my way there, even in the waiting room, but once I sit down in “my” chair it all subsides and I’m all chatty monkey or a quiet duckling. Thanks be to the nerves in my body that subsided and made me chatty this morning.

After all the hellos and whatnot I began stating how I’ve felt on thd new med from last month. It was a struggle in the beginning to stay awake and not take an naps, except for twice when it was absolutely necessary, and today as my appointment was earlier than I’d prefer.


Well the exchange was pretty back and forth until he stated it can be taken twice a day. WELL I’LL BE DAMNED, WHY DIDN’T WE START OF THAT WAY? I MEAN HE KNOWS I HAVE A HIGH TOLLERANCE TO MEDICATION. SHIT LOOK AT THE DOSAGES HE HAS ME ON. Excuse me…

Anyways yes twice a day to stay awake and not be a zombie…CHALLENGE accepted!

Wicked smile.

It’s now 7 bipolar and anxiety and non-zombie medications I am on. Too many, yet not nearly close to what I began on all those years ago. I do not want to picture how life would be without these meds…


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