Painting a beautiful nightmare

Last night I started on a new painting, a scene from one of my many nightmares. Today I finished it without adding me in the middle, which I contemplated over for some time. You see, this particular scene there are what looks like hands coming up from the earth with blades, eyes, and blood grabbing upwards into the middle where my nightmares often portray me at. Also there are fingers at the top reaching down. So either way I’d be screwed.

I painted this particular scene because it is what wakes me up everytime I have this particular one nightmare. I’ve had this one for about two years now, and the only thing that I can remember happening was my last visit to the psychiatric hospital and I already dissected that.

Anywho…I love my painting, it lets me express something in the still of the moment. I can only hope others may appreciate it…and perhaps see something that I may not thought of, after all that is what art it about. Everyone has their own preception



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