Early morning here at the dentist office to get my broken front tooth fixed. I came last week and was told I’d have to wait until today to see a specialist. Well I just saw the so called specialist who said there is nothing he can do. WTH? I don’t understand. The tooth is broken, so fix it! There’s no pain, just discomfort anytime they touch it, I eat, drink, spit, breathe, so yeah ALL the damn time.

The specialist wants ME to get a SECOND opinion! ME?! That just tells me you don’t know what the hell to do.

So now I wait to get a cleaning, since it’s covered by insurance and to shut the specialist up. Line I’ll ever see him again.

I am just baffeled at the whole ordeal. Damn I want my tooth fixed. Damn when I had an open fracture on my right knee I went to hospital and they worked their magic to make sure I could walk again. Some screws, plates, and what not later yada!

*I will update if anything else happens in this lovely dentist office……


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