There are GOOD Days

There are good days with bipolar and anxiety. Believe me I’ve had a few. Sometimes it may not be the entire day, rather just a few hours or minutes, but whatever time it is you should count it as a good time.

Today was a good day, I woke up! YES!

Migraine, OUCH! Meds, migraine GONE! Then the day got better for me.

Today I spent some time with my dad, as I usually don’t spend too much with him, even though I live with him. We walked around the grocery store for a bit while we were getting the car fixed and just talked about different recipes, what we were having for dinner (bacon wrapped hotdogs and tostones), and we even found some sale items.

As with any of my outings it was required to get some iced coffee and jelly donuts for Turtle. Back home dad and I talked about adopting another dog, even looked some up that were just adorable. There’s an English Bulldog one named Condo that I know my Tuscany would love to roll around with. For now the adoption is tabled but it was good that dad is thinking about his own furbaby campanion.


Studio time! I am currently obsessed with painting galaxy type pictures, and this one took me by awe.




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