Therapy? Yay or nay?

Therapy, is it for everyone?

I used to think that therapy wasn’t for everyone, that only “those people” utilize its advantages. Then I became one of “those people” and everything changed.

My first therapy session was when I was nine years old and I remember it clearly since the hot topic at hand was that of the “father issue” and not knowing the bio dad. *I can honestly say bio dad is the one that missed out, since the man I consider my dad will be the one that goes down in the history books as dad. So of course I’m in the therapist office and given some toys to play with, then a paper test. What? Yes, paper. That stint of therapy lasted less than a year.

Next was middle school, where I grew deeply depressed and the first attempt of suicide.

Many groups, clubs, and sports were joined but nothing helped so therapy was added to my days. I grew rebellious and detached towards the world and only used therapy to get out of school.

I then entered high school where everything changed. I received my first official diagnosis of MDD which I thought was a load of crap, but the doctor I had at the time didn’t care to dig further into my history and I didn’t care either. So I had therapy sessions, which I ditched. I also got sick a lot in high school, therefore my depression got worst and I lost a dear family member so well I got back into therapy.

I guess what you can say is that I was a therapy slut until college I road it off and lost myself in my studies, that the only thing I wanted was to be part of something bigger. So I had dad drop me off at the recruiting station, signed my life away, while hiding my history. Little did I know I was in a manic state and it was too late.

I was able to hide my depression well…or so I thought… guessed it I was sent to therapy.

Now as a civilian I’ve only been to therapy twice on my own accord and got the help I needed at the time for my bipolar, anxiety, and ptsd. For now however I use other means of therapy. Such as walking my dog, talking to the guys, writing poetry, blogging, painting, and baking delicious sweets.


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