They’re BACK

My night terrors, nightmares and sleep walking are coming back, and with a vengious. There has been no dramatic change in my life style, except for the good of exercising and yoga, and meditation. So WHY am I having to live through this horrid ordeal?

For two weeks now I have started a new medicine that has changed my sleeping habits for the better, but perhaps the side effects are that of the horrid reality I live in..?

Night terrors are a sleep distruption, but more intense than a nightmare being that of terror, where as a nightmare is that of scary and disturbing.


Since they are both similar in symptoms it may be difficult to differ between the two.

For me the night terrors replay on certain instances that happened to me personally in one way or another. I’ve been told that there is no reason to be scared of just a disturbance in my sleep, but with such events how can I not be?


Nightmares, I can usually brush off, however when it lingers into my day, all day I just become pissed at anything and everyone. My most recent nightmare was that of being trapped in a small room, perhaps the utility room as I was strapped to the water heater with a ball gag in my mouth and I was blindfolded. Now I know this was a nightmare, but I became the viewer of what was happening to me. I couldn’t see anything and then heard a few voices smothered with laughter.

CRAP! This led me into a night terror. FUCK it was real, and I knew what was going to happen. I couldn’t wake up! I wanted to wake up so bad. I was screaming for help, Tuscany was barking, and Turtle was trying to shake me awake. DAMNIT! Why? So yeah that’s how that went….

The sleep walking I personally don’t know about, only through the eyes and stories of others am I able to put it together. Last night I walked out of my bedroom to the living room, picked up the remote and starting pushing buttons, as though I was searching for something to watch. BUT NO it didn’t end there. I walked towards the kitchen and opened all the drawers, searching for what? WHO THE HECK knows. Then to the bathroom where I just stood tall, as a bird.

I personally don’t know what to think anymore, I’m not falling asleep everyday, everywhere and for no reason with the new medicine; but now I am sleep walking again, which scares Turtle. SHOOT it terrifies me. I literary don’t want to sleep anymore. HELP!


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