medicine, ya or nay

Taking medications is essential with living wih bipolar, anxiety/panic, and ptsd disorders. Though there came a time in my adult life that I wished medicine didn’t exist, on more than one occasion; thus leading me to STOP taking the pills. My latest reason was that I felt “NORMAL” so what was the point in continuing to take THE MAGIC pills.

I walked in to my psychiatrist office and said everything was fine, which was a LIE of course. After three days I begn to feel the effectives of n ot having Lithuim in my body, among all the others.

For some reason I still didnt care and I hid my medicine from those I love. I thought I was doing just great. I started back at college, gained a few friends and most importantly my mind was no longer foggy, but clear. Then just as everything in life I crashed. Had a panic attack in the elevator at school, became clostrophobic in the lab room, and my mind started racing, thinking  of self harm; so this time I realized medications are needed.



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