The Frenzy


Well I just finished my baking frenzy. I was in the kitchen for three hours creating new delicious desserts. If I’m being honest my variety mini bundt cakes came out delicious, whereas my cookies failed. Yup, it’s not surprising that this happened. This is said for the very reason that it just happens with me. Rarely do all of my creations come out executed correctly.

Also I noticed something, everytime I get creative in the kitchen that usually my first indicator that a mania is to follow. This used to scare me, but right now I am happily anticipating it’s arrival. I say this because for me mania means I get things done. My accomplishments mean more than my downfalls.

HA! The first yawn of the night escapes my mouth, so I have been fooled into thinking I will accomplish anything tonight besides this blog post.


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