how Yoga & Exercise saved my sanity


I am not the first to admit that I have lost my way from time to time, but here I am into my third week of yoga and exercising and I have noticed a dramadic change in my overall health and well-being. Also I have knocked off a few pounds, now this excites me.

I have taken a lot of medicines over the years that one or more had the side effect of weight gain, thus when weight was gained I became disappointed and didn’t workout what-so-ever. I thought why bother, the weight’s not going to go anywhere. Well NOW I say HA, the weight is GOING AWAY!

Every morning I take my morning meds, walk my dog, eat a light meal, rest, and the YOGA here I come. I love the stretches, now don’t get me wrong the first week I wanted to give up, but I told myself it will take some more time, also Turtle and dad have helped in encorauging me to stick with it. So YES I am a big girl, but I can move, I am more flexable; but you know what this is not what I am happy about, what I am happy about is my mind is clearer. NOT for the whole day, but while I am active in the yoga moves.

Now I am doing this everyday, except Sundays. I have built it into my routine, which was difficult to start with.

Also I go to the gym at least twice a week with Turtle to work on our cardio. This is an awesome time.

So what I am trying to say is that my sanity, for whatever amount of time is saved.


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