Navy life decoded

Why Navy life? For all the marbles in all the jars in all the world I cannot remember exactly what my reasoning was to join. I do however remember some of the basics that enticed my brain to be driven to the recruiting station to surrender my heart and soul.

  1. I wanted to make a difference
  2. I wanted to see the world in all its glory and downfall
  3. I wanted to prove myself to my family
  4. I wanted to prove myself to myself
  5. I needed an escape
  6. I wanted to run away from all my problems
  7. I wanted stability and structure

14924468992861301840276And the list goes on and on. Perhaps one of these reasons was why I wanted to join, but my brain today doesn’t let me remember quite as nicely. Medications have really played a number with me and my memory.

Moving on…..

Navy life begins where it always begins, BOOT CAMP! Pretty much if you don’t know what the term is, this is where the military beats the civilian out of you and drills in their way of a sailor.

Day one you are stripped of all your civilian items, shoot this included my name, for the only name you’ll hear for the next eight weeks is that of your last name and boy if it is something unusual you were going to hate your parents for the next eight weeks, if not entire Navy career. You last name then went onto everything the Navy gave you. Shirts, shoes, skivies, journals, books, you name it. Perhaps the one and only thing that didn’t have my name were my socks!

I learned a lot in the military. They sent me to school after all. But what I mean is the structure, wow was the structure good, reminds me of the psych-ward at times. I mean take any military personal and thrown them in the belly of the beast of the psychiatric ward/hospital your think you were back on base somewhere.

Now don’t think everything was hunky dory being a sailor, cause it wasn’t. This being the people I was around, so yeah…another topic for another time.

However, this is where I also found my best friend. I thank God everyday for all the days we had together, she truly was my angle that saved me many a times from denouncing being a sailor, but this too is for another day and time.

By reason this excerpt of why Navy life, has been answered for both you and I. Thank you for reading, and come back to check on the madness of my life.


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