Nightmares & Night terrors

It has been only two days since my last nightmare and a week since my last night terror.

Things like this I keep track of because I can learn from the experience on how to overcome the dilemma in which just occurred in my brain.

With the nightmares 75% of them are repeatative from the age of my fifth tenth birthday. They are just now more vivid and more profound in nature, with the remainder being variable. These no longer scare me for the entire day following, they just reck my morning for a few minutes

Now it is a whole other story with the night terrors. These I struggle to wake up from. I kick, scream, and cry in my sleep with these. When I finally wake up on my own or by Turtle in most cases, I am dripping with sweat and feel disoriented from that point on, until the next night when I am doomed to repeat it all over again.

Just like with the nightmares, the terrors are that of two instances in particular that happened. For me the terrors are not only repetitive but my damn brain adds and focuses more terror on what happened.

PTSD is nothing to joke about. I learned in therapy that it is good to talk about the situation(s) with those that I am comfortable with and trust. Also the key is that of acceptance and to learn from what happened and move forward.

I don’t live there anymore, the past, so don’t judge me on it, I live in the presence. I try not to think about the situations, which I will state in a later post, but for some reason my brain betrays me almost every night. Ahh!


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