Me and comic books, the beginning

My first comic book was DC’s Batman: The Return. From reading the pages I was hooked and wanted more. I fell in love with the artist drawings and story board. I wanted more so Turtle begin to open up the comic book world with Marvel’s Elektra to me.

The brightness of her costume and sais was much appreciated. As an assasin for heir I thought she was cool as heck and I wanted to be her; going on missions to hunt down scum. Elektra artistic ways of carrying out her missions was hypnotic.


I appreciate the story and art from Blackman and Del Mundo. My favorite cover is my first, #1 as it opens up with I see nothing of my mother in my face.” This chilling statement instantly grabbed me in. She has trials of memory and hatred this constant battle showed me that this was and still is me, battling each day with the voices, hallucinations, sadness and depression.

She fights, so I will continue to fight.


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