World Pet Day

In honor of World Pet Day I wanted to write a short snippet on my baby Tuscany. 20170306_154839.jpgMe and the hubbi adopted her almost 2 years ago and since then she has brought such joy and happiness to our lives. She is a joy to sit with. She listens to all my troubles and tribulations and offers wonderful kisses each and every day. Tuscany loves to lay down not far from her papa while he writes as to portray as his muse and next to me, mommy as I cook her dinner every night. She can be a pain sometimes because she loves to own everything, so other dogs and people are out of the question to agree with on first glance, but once she accepts you into her heart, she is a joy and will then command to be rubbed on her belly. If you get the belly, you’re in, if not, sorry, you’re her bitch.


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