Day 2 w/ new meds

Today is my second day of taking a new medicine in my treatment and it has proven to be a bit of a challenge, somewhat intrusive. I wake up and I am to stay awake, no going back to sleep, no naps, laying down, nothing! Yesterday morning was difficult because I had slept for four hours only waking up from nightmares and terrors just to go back to theme. I really wanted to nap next to my Tuscany on the sofa, she looked so peaceful, alas I looked up and thought to myself ‘today’s the day I start to be different.’ So I pulled my yoga mat, fitness ball and my 5lb weights and went at it. Playing some music I stood tall doing some stretches and whatnot. I felt great, awake, and a little at peace with my self until the voices started back up. So music went off and meditation began for 20minutes. I use the CALM app on my phone. Baked my infamous banana bread for the mom in law, and coffee cake for the hubby. After all that my morning passed and I didn’t fall asleep, I was happy with myself. Today I upped the stakes to stay awake and went on a long walk with Tuscany in the morning, which she wasn’t expecting, so tomorrow I must bring her little first aid pouch as I call it, with her bowl and water. This walk was so inspiring that I went on another walk after dropping her off with her dental stick. Did some up keeping in the house andesign treated myself to a mani/pedi outside with the wind blowing through my hair. It was if new life was being breathed into my soul. We’ll the day’s not over with yet, so we shall see if the challenge of staying awake during the day works. Whoa, has my sleep cycle changed over the years…


One thought on “Day 2 w/ new meds

  1. Theresa Bythwood says:

    This is very inspiring,it shows wisdom and strength use to stop and think….hold on I can try something and twist what I need to do instead of what I want to do.


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