Psych visit

Had my monthly psychiatrist visit and boy did I let my mouth go on a rant. After all I had thirty days worth of trials to account for. So I began with the depression and sadness I had been dealing with and broke it down to the separation of not being motivated and my problems with sleep. Oh boy did he break in with this is all normal. Do you feel the medicine isn’t working or are you cycling? both. I already take over the max dose of all my medicines, so yeah problem one. Problem two my emotional brain is depressed, full of sludge rolling around. No creativity, anger filling my eyes with hatred. We’ll I got a little derailed, so my psychiatrist reeled me back in a bit asking about my sleep cycle. YES! We nailed it, hopefully. I sleep too much, which may be why I’m depressed and sad, leading to the meds not working effectively. Thus my current meds remaining the same, but adding one that has been proven by the FDA to work in cases such as mine, so here we go……..Day one tomorrow…..


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