what are you fed up with?

Receiving any diagnosis can be scary and unnerving. You have that of a physical element in which one can see and perform on in one way or another, then you have that of mental element where the brain plays countless tricks on you. These differences are vast in size, however, physicians treat both in the same ways, with medication. Yes they perform differently but the prescription is the same. How can we let and accept these doctors who shove pills down our throats to continue practicing.

With the physical conditions you and your doctor can see what the problem is and come up with some way to treat it. Now mental conditions are not viewed in this same manner, since we cannot see the brain and its functions. Yes we can take an xray picture but what can the picture tell us of the brain and how it is working properly or poorly? Well I’ll tell you, you can’t! Not yet anways, science is getting close, but then just like everything else in this world we are all unique.

Doctors are quick to write a prescription for any and every ailment we come into their offices complaining about. With this being said I’m fed up with psychiatrists in this day in age.


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