which is truth

When I’m depressed, it’s not just saddness I feel, I feel empty, alone, hurt, angry, confused and can act out a bit bitter towards those that love me most. My family is the world to me and I know I constantly hurt them. I don’t mean to, it just happens when I’m depressed and that feeling aches my bones.

I’ve been in a depressive state for a week now, and have become withdrawn. I miss life. It continues without me. It doesn’t stop. Wow. What do I do?

Being withdrawn hurts, my fiance feels as though I don’t love or care for him. He says that I need to get over it and wake up, which is true, but not easily done. It’s like there’s two of me, the one with bipolar struggling, hiding, crying over everything and nothing, and then there is the one with bipolar that is happy, joking, hugging, and kissing everyone, but which of these is the truth? Both a lie? Ahh! My mind is switching gears


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