You shouldn’t be jealous

I have to write this post to get it off my chest, I am fed up of people saying they are jealous. You shouldn’t be jealous that I have a mental disorder. It isn’t easy being me, living in my shoes day in an day out proves to be a treterous battlefield, land mines everywhere. I set FIVE alarm to wake me up every morning, not because I can’t wake up, rather a reminder to take my morning meds. Jealous? Why?

After that I walk my furbaby, which starts my day of naps, living in THREE to FOUR hour blocks. Once she is set my next alarm reminds me eat, watch some television, read a book/comic book, or you guessed it, a nap. You shouldn’t be jealous.

Then noon rolls arounds, are you jealous yet? Don’t be, more meds, lunch, and you guessed it nap time, until it is time for another alarm and shower.

My day commences with dinner, no more naps, now I am wide awake, and it is time for dinner meds. I have a break until night meds and the struggle to fall asleep occur. But you see in my struggle to take a break I am fighting my demons in and out. You shouldn’t be jealous but you’re laughing and shaking your head in disgust of my day; but you know what my life is mines to live, so if you’re jealous then you have little in your life to want a life full of meds, sleep, and demon fighting. You shouldn’t be jealous!


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