Lost II

Lately I have been feeling lost. Lost in a world that has become too familiar with the ways stigma rolls here in my mind. Stigma of the unknown I say. Why are people afraid of me? I’m not contagious, I’m ambitious. I may have my quirks, but don’t we all? I love my quirks, I leave my glass cups eveywhere, not to piss my finace off but to count my intake of water and to show precision of my life.


Stigma that has been showed besides being contagious, is that of picturing Jack Nickelson going cucko. I dispise people that hold such stigma agaisnt me and others like me.

Yet I am still lost in this world. I have cried myself to sleep countless times after a friend, family member, or complete stranger said they’d have nothing more to do with me. It hurts knowing that people are like this when I just have the drive to belong.

Anyone can say they understand, yet if they don’t act or even ask questions how can this be? I know I am not the only one feeling lost, but I am the only feeling lost, but I am the only one here in this box of teal blue stripes thinking that it may all be over. I am unaware of where to go from here.

Feeling lost means I am human, being human means I belong to something, but I am still wondering what that thing is. Until next time, G. Merced, observant.


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