Denial downfalls

We all face the facts differently when it comes to our mental illness being diagnosed, but what happens when the denial of your diagnosis comes from that of a parent or loved one? This can be both upsetting and stressful for the afflicted party, as they themselves may also be in denial of a live changing result.


As you may remember I was on the fence about my being FINALLY diagnosed with bipolar, but I had even more loved ones and family that were in denial of the fact. So how did I deal with them? At the begining I was foolish and went into denial mode too, thinking I was too smart, had survived this long without medication so why now, and the list went on. It wasn’t until I became a guiena pig for my first psychiatrist.

I was given a medicine for every symptom I had, rather than one in which would take the edge off of all of them, if not most, since I now know this to be possible. When you go down to your pharmacy with a stack of prescriptions you know something is wrong.

It took the better part of a year to finally say “screw this, there must be another way.” And there was, there is, but those people in my live at the time were just negative human beings who put me down just because I had the label of a mental disorder. I thought “wow imagine if I was a diabectic and had to take insulin 3x a day.” But you know what when you are denail, you feed that same denail to others.

Often times things got worst when individuals threw his/her hatred my way. This is when I became coiled and forgotten, which lead to me getting whatever help I could, but never going back to the negative. Until next time, G.M., Scattered


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