A 5minute entry

Feeling sad and down in the dumps is bad for anyone to feel but for me I feel it every day throughout the day at different times during the day and it truly sucks. I pray at times for God to just take this misery of mines away to give me some assurance that having this misery is somewhat good in a logical way. It’s a confusing time for me. I wonder if there is anything out there for me.

That above was just that a thought in the minute of a second of a moment in my day. It’s moments like this with these thoughts that I wonder why. It seems as though the minutes throughout the day are full of such thoughts deeper, darker ones and it leads me to believe that hey this is a part of life. And I must accept that, I must embrace it, I must love it. This is because God makes no mistakes yes I have challenged this very thought however I’ve also come to accept right now at this moment that I’m writing that there’s no mistake for me to have these thoughts.

Thoughts throughout one’s life are countless and held with such possibilities.

I asked for guidance through these moments with these moments I found I’m able to help others with their moments, it is such a blessing to see and understand that this is being done miraculously. I’m not sure on how I can help others with their moments besides through my family and this blog that you yes you are reading here. But if you know any way that I can reach someone please let me know and leave a comment, a response at this blog post, on any of my posts because it may not be this post that speaks to you but another one, please let me know.


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