Feeling Lost. . .


Lately I have been feeling lost. Lost in my own mind. I have be trying to climb out, yet I get lost. It seems as no matter what I do or say there is a part of me that isn’t just quite there. I get just staring out into the great ubess of the world, but this feeling is something more intimate. It is peeling off the layers of my skin one by one until it meets bone. This feeling as it is now sickens me, the pure thought of flesh and bones would normally not create this feeling, but now I am naseous and want to throw up everything that is within me. I remain lost. Not knowing what to do, if there is anything to do. There must be something, anything. Help! I scream but in a crowd with so many voices mines escapes the barrier and is put to sleep. I do not emerge victorious, rather I am defeated and lost I remain. I begin to now question weather or not life is a part of me, or if I am some figment of someones imagination. I feel lost, I can’t feel the ground beneah me, please tell me is it me or they who are bearing false witness? I remain forever lost, G. Merced, continues to be lost.


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