a monster called anxiety

The monsters in my life are anxiety, depression, mania, myself and panic. Each posed their own threat to lives. Do you see this in me, when you look into my eyes?

How could you?


You glance into my light brown eyes and see something different, that wasn’t there a few seconds prior. You hesitate because you’re not sure which phase has taken over, panic, mania attack, depression or anxiety. You wonder what kind of protection is needed, then you realize the evil truth of anxiety, and you witness me begin to shake, sweat, mutter, cry, scream, and eventually fall down to my knees or run away all at once.

What do you do?

Confusion comes to mind and you begin looking around asking “what is wrong? what can I
do? why are you acting this way?” and so on.

You not knowing what to do frustrates me and makes this anxiety attack worse than what it could have been if you said something reassuring like “okay, you’re going to be fine, let’s just sit here and breathe.” This will not sink into my brain until you are next to or in front of me with your full attention, as the next 5-15 minutes are going to be pure hell for me. I just want to know I am not alone and for you to find my rescue pouch with all my meds and locate the special Xanax pill. Give it some time, but I will climb down from my high pyramid, and will need some time to rest.

After this I will feel horribly embarrassed and will shy out of being in society for a little while, whether it be out in public or home. But don’t worry I’ll be back. You may even witness my other monsters, depression, mania, myself or panic come out. Until next time, G. Merced, annoyed.



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