my hypo-mania today

isI have been trying to write for a couple nights now with no avail. This is due to what I believe is both my bipolar disorder and that of the emotional me. I have been lost between mania and depression, hypo-mania as it is referred to, somewhere I haven’t been for awhile, so coping has proven to be quite difficult. Being emotional is one thing, but when they all come at once it is overwhelming. Putting on a brave face for others to see while I am breaking down inside has become routine, what about for you?

Trouble concentrating

Over eating/Not eating enough


Becoming angry at any/everything

Night terrors



Grandiose ideas

Spending spree


Staring out into the abyss

Unmotivated/extreme motivation


These and many more side effects/symptoms occurring within the last two days. One thing that has helped is exercising and cooking/baking. Until I can gain some insight, G. Merced, perplexed.


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