Midnight rant


rainbow dash cloud

As it is right now, almost three in the morning I sit thinking that I should be asleep, rather tonight my mind is racing and my thoughts are crashing into one another. It has become difficult for me to write since my focus is out of order. This reminds me of when I was in one of my Creative Writing courses and I was given the infamous prompt of “where is the perfect place to go on a date?” My thought process was so fast the professor was impressed.


ITALY! My first and only thought. I have been obsessed about going to Italy since I was in grade school, so of course if I could go anywhere, no limitations I would chose Italy.


I hashed it all out on paper once he gave the green light. See I had done my research about this wonderful country that I knew not all of it could be packed into one night, so I choose Venice, Italy to have the date. First was meeting up in a luscious vineyard where we would sample some wine with cheese crackers and engage on some furious conversation. Here we’d each obtain a bottle of our favorite wine so that if the relationship lasted into marriage each would make a gift box for the other to be opened on the 1 year wedding anniversary. Dinner would then follow into a delicious six course menu restaurant where the conversation would be a little more deep and hushed tone as the setting would be perfect for a little flirtatious moves. This was not the end of the date, for in my paper it continued into the early hours of the morning, due to the fact if the date went well I and he would not see each other for at least two months because I’d be going into active duty status. So this would be a test of love seeing if the distance made the heart grow founder or not.


Upon completing our five courses, the final meal would come, which of course would be desert. Here the lactose would be deadly, but oh so worth it. Tiramisu and the classic Cream-filled Canoli would be broken into. Coffee, chocolate and milk, delish.


It would be dark out with only the street and restaurant hues lighting up the path way, but wait, a local three top band is playing, so dancing must be done. Any easy cardio workout, where both parties would enjoy themselves and not be afraid to look completely wacko. One would think that is enough for a date, but no, not in this paper since we were on a water way, we’d jump into the first gondola and take the ride as far as the gondolier would take us with his hypnotizing voice. This would begin to close out the night as the moon would be out in all its glory to send us peacefully on our way towards paradise.

Yes it would be a perfect first date, where I wouldn’t want it to end, so no conclusion here will be given. It has been wonderful to release some words into the cyber space, I pray it may have inspired you to get your own creative ideas flowing as my mind has settled down some, not much, but some, which is better than none at all. Little by little, Turtle and mines motto. Until next time, G. Merced, freed.


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