Today’s entry is not about the past rather about today. I am looking forward to my appointment with a new psychiatrist in about 2 1/2 weeks for my cocktail (medicine) as they called it, needs to be adjusted. I have been writing down little notes as to my symptoms, side effects and whatnot. This is good, to write down notes for your psychiatrist, in your phone’s memo pad or on actual hand held paper, this gives him/her a good summary of what has been going on and weather a change needs to be made or what. Sometimes however I’ve learned the symptoms that one has is just part of the disorder and one must “deal” with it in a manner that only he/she finds fit. An example of this is that I have recently began exercising, have taken up coloring too; along with this blog, which I’m liking thus far, hope you are too. Until next time, Giovanni Merced, with salt.


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